How It Works
Play on any device with an Internet connection (Playing over Wi-Fi is recommended). Choose a KwizzBit event - featuring 4 rounds of trivia and interactive entertainment.
Choose a single KwizzBit featuring 12 fun-filled KwizzBit questions and run as a round between your regular quiz.
Host your own Kwizzbit
Create Your Event
Launch the KwizzBit from your laptop or tablet and generate your Unique Play Pin.

Read out or write your game pin on the flyers provided and hand them to your players. Direct players to to begin the game.
Gather Your Team
Wait for your players/teams to log in and see who’s joined in the lobby area.

Once all your players are in it’s time to get Kwizzing! Read the questions then broadcast the answer to players’ devices with one click.
Ungooglable Interactive Trivia
All of our Kwizzes are written and produced by the best in the business, designed to challenge and excite with a few laughs along the way!

You can see which player was the fastest with correct answer. You can see who got it right...and who got it wrong! The leaderboard is updated in real time after every question.
Host your own Kwizzbit
Fastest finger first
Interactive engaging entertainment played in real time. It’s fastest finger first and speed is of the essence.

The faster your players answer, the more points they get! All the excitement of a game show and a quiz rolled into one.
Make a night of it
Use KwizzBit and play 4 rounds as a fun packed event. Integrate Kwizzbit amongst your regular quiz. Play after the big game. Or even run a #KwickKwizzBit as a fundraiser or ad hoc event.
Host your own event
• Create a KwizzBit Host account
• Log in to your account
• Choose your KwizzBit
• Give out your Unique Pin
• Wait for your players to join
• Get Kwizzing
Get the latest content
Top up your account with KwizzBit credits to play the latest games.

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